Total Body Barbell Complex

It’s no secret. I like barbell complexes. I mean, I hate them; but I love them. Working hard on my whole body in a short amount of time rather than splitting body parts up throughout the week works best for me. So, on top of hitting all the major muscle groups during this complex, my heart and lungs share in the provocation. Teamwork.

The challenge of any complex (holding onto the same barbell / kettlebell(s) / dumbbell(s) through the entire set) is to pick the appropriate weight. For me, anything requiring upper body push or pull is significantly harder than lower body anything. So I’ll pick a weight I can accomplish with my arms, but still challenge my legs. Some days and complexes are more challenging than others – and well, if that isn’t life I don’t know what is. Here’s a sample of a similar barbell complex.

Let me know how you make out and follow for more challenges on my instagram. Go get a little uncomfortable. 



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