5 Things to NOT Worry About

So, there are generally a number of different considerations one must be aware of in order to regain their health and “get in better shape”. This varies quite a bit from person to person, but there is a good chance you are worrying about a whole host of other things that may not really matter when it comes to your personal goals.

If you are heading into a bodybuilding or physique competition, nutrition and exercise can get pretty specific; timing, volume, intensity, macronutrients. Same holds true for performance competitions, such as powerlifting meets. Your weight is required to reach a certain point while your lifts get stronger. Again, there’s quite a bit of science and discipline that goes along with such events.

Now, if you are simply trying to become a healthier version of yourself in some capacity, you could be overwhelming yourself with things that might not make an immediate difference on your performance or body composition.

  1. Worry less about the amount of times you eat and more about how much you are eating daily. 1 meal, 3 meals, 5 meals. This should generally be considered based on convenience as it fits into your daily life. There is no magic equation to the amount of times your should be eating when it comes to a general, healthy lifestyle. There are days when 2 higher calories meals make up my day, but for the most part, I’m 5-6 meals during the day because I don’t like the feeling of being stuffed and yet I still love to eat all throughout the day 🙂
  2. Worry less about the time of day you eat. You don’t need to be a breakfast person. If eating breakfast makes you want to vomit, wait until your body is ready! Of course, this might impact your morning workout that may require some calories to move efficiently. The same holds true with eating at night. Eating at night won’t “make you gain weight”. Eating too many calories everyday will. Most simply find it uncomfortable to go to sleep too hungry or too full, so play around with your timing so that you feel relaxed when you hit the hay.
  3. Worry less about the type of exercise you choose. What’s better; kettlebells, running, high intensity, Crossfit, yoga? Do specific types of exercise yield certain results? They sure do. But, I’d be hard pressed to find a qualified fitness professional tell you one is better than another. You need to first find something you enjoy and will stick to. The beauty of this is that you will slowly become more interested in what you can add in order to get to specific results. You first need to invest the time in yourself and that can come in any form of exercise that brings you enjoyment and challenge.
  4. Worry less about the latest fads in nutrition and exercise. The great part about this industry is that it’s open to anyone and everyone. This is also its’ greatest downfall. Cyber-gurus and the media circus have this annoying ability to let you believe that not only are you not good enough, but they have developed the magic to make you better. Here’s the thing; there is something that already exists and it’s created millions of happy, healthy and lean individuals. It’s called commitment. Many of the bodies you have admired from afar didn’t come from one program (or maybe it did). It came from time devoted to healthier eating and exercise.
  5. Worry less about what you look like while you exercise. I have known many women who have avoided dancing, jumping, running or lifting simply because they feared what they would look like. Imagine a child fearing her appearance as she falls over and over when she is learning to walk. “Nah. You know what, ma. I’ll just stick to crawling. I’m in no rush.” Yea, I get it; we have grown to develop a sense of self that may be embarrassed or intimidated. Look at it this way – if you decide to let yourself try something and put your insecurities aside for just one moment, you may actually start living the life you really do deserve. Walking into a weight room and owning your sh*t is a powerful thing, ladies. Rock those bright yellow leggings or baggy t-shirts or oversized sweatshirts or booty-hugging shorts. Whatever gives you the power to own the room, get at it and get to work. If you are heading to Zumba and you don’t know your left foot from your right, you not only get to burn some calories catching up, you get to laugh and enjoy the ride.

There quite a few other things you should worry less about. In general, you should simply worry less when it comes to exercise and nutrition because it’s not complicated. No – not always easy, but certainly not complicated.

Eat well most of the time. Exercise most days of the week. Stay committed. Have fun. Repeat forever.



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