Leave the Resolutioners Alone & Do You

I’ll be the first to admit it. There are times when I think, “Welp, here goes another year of people coming in here, guns blazing, everything is changing this year” attitudes are back. It’s not that I don’t wish them well. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. My livelihood thrives on helping these people and I get a serious motivation pump when someone comes to me looking for help. What disappoints me is that go hard or go hard mentality that sometimes comes with it. Despite every effort to throw my chill-out-and-enjoy-the-ride vibes, most people don’t buy it. Can you blame them? Every other commercial from December through February is diets, pills, tricks and cleanses. “Hey, couch-cruisers. You were super imperfect last year. It’s time we quickly change you to make you better and more like everyone else who is not as big a failure as you. You’ll get there in 3 easy steps and 5 days. Misery… commence!”

(eyes roll)

Then, I see some of the most brilliant minds, selfless workers and talented multi-taskers throw hundreds of dollars into this black hole of empty promises and belly wraps. That’s what’s annoying about resolutions. So, during my years of personal training/fitness maturity, I’ve changed in my approach; mostly because I’ve changed my attitude towards health and fitness to begin with. I applaud anyone, at anytime, in any environment that finally realizes they can treat their bodies a bit better than they have been. If that’s January 1, so be it. I also understand the flip side where there’s frustration from the dedicated group fitness junkies that get locked out of their favorite classes because the rooms are too full to hold everyone that wants to play. But to be fair to everyone, rookies, novices and personal trainers alike… mind your business. Do you. They aren’t worried about you. In fact, they might actually be inspired by you and your abilities to stick to a plan every week, of every month, year after year. Well, pin a rose on your nose, friend.

I’ve actually loved seeing my facility fill up with new faces and new/old faces. The locker room chatter is my absolute favorite. Rapid fire questions dominate pre- and post-workouts, and I live for that. Today I had one of those conversations that stuck with me so much, I needed to write about it.

On Tuesdays, I teach an intense kickboxing class that people just get super pumped for; and no matter how tired or busy I am on Tuesdays, that class is a pure adrenaline rush to teach. When I’m finished, I feel wasted. Legitmately. Like 3 glasses of wine wasted…and maybe a shot of limoncello.

Anyway, we’re all getting ready for class and two women, we’ll call them 1 and 2, start discussing Crossfit, neither of which participate in it. 1 is this adorable young woman just coming back from maternity leave and trying to get some sort of stamina back, never grabbing more than a 3 pound weight in her life. 2 is a gym regular who finally started weight training. Yesterday’s instructor challenged 1 to grab heavier weights than normal for the 30 minute strength class and 1 mentioned how great it felt. We all remarked how heavy our purses, kids, book bags and groceries are, yet there’s fear associated with females and weights above 12 pounds in the gym setting. 2 says, “I was watching Crossfit this weekend. Those women are incredible! I couldn’t believe all of the things they could do!” 1 said she hadn’t seen Crossfit before, but she now gets that lifting weight is the way to go. She has no fear about lifting weights and just wants to learn how to do it right. They both do.


Here’s the thing about this locker room conversation. You may be lucky enough to already understand the whole “you won’t get bulky from lifting weights” thing. But, this is a daily battle I need to work women through – on the fitness floor, group fitness room or locker room. Yet, here were two women who acknowledged the benefits of lifting heavier, but were so inspired by the absolute strength of other women I felt absolutely invigorated. So, when you get frustrated by new faces, remember you were once a new face. When you get snippy about their inability to follow through with their workouts past March, remember when you didn’t stick to some promises you’ve made to yourself. I know I’ve quit before. Dancing, barbell snatches, Microeconomics, writing. All things I liked (Microeconomics aside. Yuck.), but for one reason or another I stopped doing them. It doesn’t mean they won’t come back into my life, but they aren’t part of my life at this present moment.

Well, well, well. Looky here. I appear to be writing, don’t I? I guess it IS okay to stop something and then start again, isn’t it?


I always thought people who posted quotes just didn’t have their own thoughts. But, I have a ton of thoughts. Some quotes are simply worth sharing. It can be the right words for the right person at the right time. This one struck a chord with me.


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