Starting Fresh

Yes. It’s been years since I’ve blogged. I have a few reasons and a ton of excuses for my hiatus. Topping the list is simply not making the time. It’s crazy how quickly 24 hours slips by in this rat race. Amazing how we make time to eat, breathe or sleep; although quite often not enough. So rather than list my excuses and let you know where I’ve been, let’s focus on moving forward.

Living in the fitness world day in and day out is an absolute privilege. I get to learn about myself and what I can physically handle. But more importantly, it shows me the real world and the high speed of it all. It’s so easy to be accessible to our bosses, our colleagues, our children, our spouses and our obsessive social media outlets. But how often in one day do you truly take the time to think about what you want and how you are going to get there?

My current position allows me to meet people who have exceptionally high pressure jobs with such limited time for themselves, they will sooner watch their bodies break down before they turn down a client dinner after a 14 hour work day. I get it. These are the demands of the job and they have decided “no” is not an option. There are bills to pay and mouths to feed.

I also know quite a few new mothers juggling a brand new world of absolutely no punching of time cards but somehow always on the clock. They have this beautiful new responsibility of balancing sleep patterns, never-ending diaper disposal and determining what each new earth rattling wail could quite possibly mean.

And well – there’s the admirable combination of the two. A working mother. Holy crap is that a job that takes you away from yourself?! I mean, seriously. The demands come from everyone else and the responsibilities are all yours. Isn’t that sweet? So, what does that leave you with? Wine. It leaves you with wine.

But we know wine is not the answer …don’t we? It’s good ol’ time management. How and where do you even start? Well, when it comes to incorporating exercise, it’s hard for me to be specific for you as an individual at this particular moment. However, one thing holds true. There needs to be a written commitment to yourself, from yourself, with 800 back up plans. Let’s face it. Life will, undoubtedly, get in your way. I promise.

Here are a few questions I work through with clients who are simply looking to fit in work outs of any variety.

– Do you really want to make the time to reach your fitness goals are do you simply want changes to happen? Effort needs to be put in. There’s no getting around that.

– Why does time stand in your way? Is it possible that some of that time can be freed up for some exercise? If not, we have to reevaluate. Exercise and movement doesn’t just happen. It’s planned, executed and repeated. If you literally cannot find they time, then maybe right now isn’t going to be optimal for your fitness journey.

– Realistically, how much time can you devote and on how many days? Here, we will take a no nonsense approach to whether that goal can be achieved. If their goal is shredding some blazing hamstrings, 2 home workouts of 20 minutes a week will generally not get them to that desired end goal. Once again, time to reevaluate.

– Set a minimum and maximum for your week. “I will work out no less than 2 hours per week but no more than 6 hours per week”. Don’t sell yourself short. Likewise, don’t make up excuses.

– What tools will you need? DVDs, music, kettlebells, medicine balls? You are correct to assume you won’t need anything when starting out. In fact, you can have some seriously humbling bodyweight workouts even if you’ve been working out for years. Trust me. Oh don’t you worry – this blog will get you there.

– What is your program plan? I don’t care if it’s simply jumping jacks and walking lunges for 15 minutes. WRITE THAT DOWN SOMEWHERE. Not only will you feel accountable to that plan, but you will also have a logged record of how far you have come. Months or years down the road it feels good to even impress yourself.

– If that plan fails, how will you make it up to yourself? You have 799 other back up plans and you’ve already promised yourself 2 hours of exercise this week; remember? How will you get it in?

– Start. Give yourself a few weeks. You don’t just try a recipe once and forget it. You may need to add a little of this or that. You may need to swap some ingredients. But, if you are looking for the best damn rump roast on the planet, YOU, my friend, will find the right ingredients to make it work. See what I did there? So suave.

– This can be your journey alone, but it always helps to have someone to tell. Again, there’s accountability in that as well as support. I don’t care how old you are; it feels absolutely awesome to hear “job well done”.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t start Monday. Start right away.

I mean of course if it is Monday, by all means, start Monday.

* A quick hello to all of my old followers! And a hi to my new ones. This blog will take on a life of its own, guided by your questions and interests. Please contact me on Facebook or @jkupz Instagram to follow. please subscribe and send to anyone and everyone. I look forward to it taking on a life of its own.


2 thoughts on “Starting Fresh

  1. Megan Lan says:

    Jess – it’s so nice to hear from you! Hope that life is treating you well. Thanks for the inspirational post.



    • InspireFitnessNow says:

      Great to hear from you, Megan! I hope all is well on your end and I hope to have much more content out soon. All the best! Jess


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