Internal vs Exernal

Give the choice, would you opt for a beautiful, perfect home with a beaten and battered car in the driveway, or live in a  less-than-ideal home and drive around everyday in your dream car?

Think about it for a minute.

In the first scenario, you are in a home you get to enjoy and appreciate every moment you are in it. Whether or not anyone else ever steps foot inside, you are proud of where you live and how hard you worked to call it ‘home’. In the latter situation, you are stuck in a shanty home, but get to venture out in your most prized possession, for all to gawk at and envy. You wash it, wax it, baby it.

It’s interesting to apply these scenarios in defining your own health goals. Are you working for the body of your dreams for you or everybody else? Your answer doesn’t make you good or bad; right or wrong. It’s just a way to take a step back and really look at why you want to get healthy.

Beautiful Home?

To me, having a home I enjoy to be in is priceless; kind of like being in the body you deserve. Working out and eating right isn’t always easy. Everyday you have to battle demons and remind yourself why you need to push past your comfort zone to get the results you want. You can’t get a healthy body simply because you want it. You need to earn it, appreciate it, work for it and maintain it. That dream house of yours not only needs your constant attention, but it needs love and hard work. Grooming is necessary; fixing leaky pumps occasionally. But, ultimately, it’s yours to love and take care of. Sound familiar? That’s your body checking in. It deserves the tune ups and attention. Of course we all desire curb appeal. There’s no vanity in that. But, the point is our body, our home, is ours to appreciate and take care of.

Show-stopping car?

Ah, yes. A hot set of wheels is a thing of beauty, something to be admired… I’m sure you see where I’m going. A car can take you anywhere and can be noticed by all those you whiz by. If you are looking to lose weight and reshape your body to impress everyone else, that’s your prerogative.   Anyone who says there isn’t a little bit of warmth they feel inside when a colleague congratulates them on a tighter tummy is being a little too modest. We are all humans who crave recognition from others; to impress our classmates at the 30 year reunion; to turn heads at the beach. No one should tell you that’s wrong. No matter the reason to get to the gym, you deserve success. Just don’t forget about you. A car is a beautiful piece of machinery others can appreciate. But, you are required to maintain it and care for it in order for it to run optimally. If you don’t detail it, your admirers certainly won’t. Then what?

No matter the reason why you get back to the gym, get back to the gym. Body aside, your head will thank you.



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