sweat a little to feel a little

The beauty of exercise is that while it is a great avenue for weight loss and other healthy ventures, it makes you feel awesome. The problem is, unless you actually exercise you probably think we “fitness enthusiasts” are nutty, self-absorbed or lacking in other important areas of our lives. The truth is, there is actual science to why exercise makes us feel good. You’ve probably heard of the endorphin rushes and natural highs, but we may not always experience that. My final paper in graduate school was on the positive influence of exercise on female adolescents with depressive systems. While pharmacology plays its role in treatment, the studies of positive mood enhancing effects on these girls were concrete… and may I add; free. The government won’t regulate or charge you for a work out. But, let’s put science aside for the moment.

I have to work out Monday through Friday. It’s usually part of my job. Either I am teaching a class, working out for myself, or playing around with new ideas for clients and my classes. Does that mean everyday I am pumped for a great work out? Unfortunately, no. I’m a girl and let’s face it – sometimes my emotions get the best of me. One of the hardest times for me to work out is when I’m sad or something is on my mind – albeit these contribute to the best workouts I have. Why? Because when I’m done, I realize one thing. While I may not always have control over what’s around me all the time, I control my body. When my body sweats, feels strong and I have some serious beats on my iPod, I reawaken something inside of me. It then creates the pattern for the rest of my day. I can sit and be sad or annoyed. But, the energy and power I feel from my work out makes me realize I can handle anything I need to. That’s usually when I feel most inspired to write or create new ideas.

You’ll never feel worse after a work out. Never.

Which is how I ended up where I am. I am on a mission to have you feel what I feel when I work out. I want you to know that adrenaline rush and challenge your body in ways you never knew how to. The best I feel is when my clients or classes provide feedback their hard work. Because while I may send them in the right direction, how hard and fast they drive is up to them. I can’t do the work for them. In many cases, they are itching for a push and working alongside a bunch of individuals itching for a push… game on.

It’s so hard to get out of bed and get to the gym especially with the mornings getting colder. Remember that getting there will set your pace for the rest of your day, probably filled with great decisions and productivity. If your work out is at the end of the day, do something that you actually look forward to. You deserve that time to feel great and accomplished. If you don’t schedule that time for yourself, someone or something will take it away from you. There’s no shame in a natural high.


One thought on “sweat a little to feel a little

  1. Andrew Siegel says:

    Amen! You’re preaching my religion. Nothing like a little expenditure of energy to gain energy, and then some. And there is no better way of tapping into that pharmacy within that we all have.

    Every once in a while, I get a break in the late morning after an early work start. I get in a good workout with a nice sweat, shower, put on fresh clothes, have some lunch and return for an afternoon of work…refreshed, rejuvenated, energized, invigorated with an elated mood. It is as if I am starting my day all over; I can deal with any amount of work frustration or obstacle because I have been primed with endorphins and a wonderful cocktail of natural chemicals that I have tapped internally. It makes me wonder why I don’t just schedule some exercise block time in the middle of my day.


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