What are you afraid of?

Challenges and successes do not come without fear. For anyone who says they are not at least a little terrified of change, I say they are too scared to admit it. Change offers a different way of living that challenges your comfort zone. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t scare the crap out of  me. Actually, it’s one of those things I struggle with daily; the fear of the new, the unknown, of success. Okay – baring it all here. My fears ironically are a part of what makes me who I am. I am a passionate, motivating fitness professional who [dare I say] knows her stuff. There’s so much more to know, to learn and to achieve, which is the beauty of the fitness and health field. Once you think you know it all, you’ve cut yourself off from learning. So, what scares me? I fear an attempt to push through the comfort of what I am now. Why? Because whatever avenues I head down are still foreign and I’m not sure what will stand in my way. One thing I learned when I entered this business is that you need to want it bad enough to be recognized and appreciated. My battles are no longer with this business – it’s with myself. Each day I am supported by certain people who love me and challenge me to be a better me. Each day I am inspired by the fighters, the hard workers, the novice. And then I want it just a little bit more.

So, what holds you back from getting your health back? What keeps you from taking a new group fitness class? What keeps you from hiring a personal trainer? What keeps you from adding a 5 minute walk to your day? If anyone responds with financial concerns I will shoot back with 8,000 ways to get healthy that doesn’t require money. That is no longer a valid excuse. I see overweight individuals losing their sight from preventable diabetes; I see moms and wives guilted out of the gym; I see arthritis, 15-year old injuries and excuses from lazy medical doctors. First you must decide if you want your health.

Yes? Read on.

No? Come back when you’re ready.

Losing weight is scary because it is a change. Not changing means comfort. But, if you aren’t going to challenge yourself, no one will. Now, that’s not to say that losing weight is uncomfortable because it’s not. In the beginning it may be difficult. The whole idea is lifestyle. Becoming healthy will make you comfortable. I promise.

Inspired by clients and daily interaction, this is what change can mean to you.

  • Change means confidence.
  • Change means I will inspire at least one other person.
  • Change means I can lift 15 lbs.
  • Change means it’s okay to be strong.
  • Change means I don’t need to be skinny.
  • Change means I control my life. 
  • Change means I will quit saying I can’t and just try.
  • Change means food is fuel and calories are necessary.
  • Change means sweat feels good.
  • Change means I can take the stairs.
  • Change means food doesn’t control me.
  • Change means I am responsible for my destiny.
  • Change means I will feel better each time I finish a work out.
  • Change means I have the power to feel good and it doesn’t come in a bottle. 
  • Change means I can look you in the eyes.
  • Change means I will complete the marathon.
  • Change means I can ask for help.
  • Change means I’m strong enough to change. 
There are a few ways to head towards change after you have accepted that you need to. You actually have to take action. Everyone is responsible for whipping up some serious, life-changing plans. Very few of us actually execute them; ie New Year’s Resolutions. They are a super idea. Unfortunately,  ideas can’t happen if you don’t execute on them. I’m guilty of that one myself. Not the New Year’s thing; the having 800 “plans” thing.
Consider the client who has already lost 40 pounds, but still has a way to go. Those 40 pounds were no easy feat. They came with emotional highs and lows. She says, “But, I still have so much more to lose.” [sad face]
I say, “40 pounds ago, did you think you’d lose 40 pounds?”
The answer is always no. She was able to change her plans and change her mindset before. So, what scares her into thinking she couldn’t do it again? This should be the time she becomes more inspired. She has already made the biggest step towards a healthier her. She STARTED. START AGAIN.
Remember all those things that got you on the train in times past. [Another fabulous reason why writing is inspirational.  You not only have an outlet for a present moment, but you have words to reflect on when needed.] Go back to the time when you told yourself you could do it. Sure. Everyone else around you told you that you could. But, what do they know? Well, the beauty of loved ones is that they often see something you don’t see in yourself. However, they can’t execute your plan. You can execute your plan. Stop scaring yourself out of success. Accomplishment is a high. Be the inspiration to help someone else execute their change.

4 thoughts on “What are you afraid of?

  1. Sheryl says:

    Start again…and start again…and start again. I had to learn that I will “start again” many times in my life…not just with exercise, but with food, with attitude, with love, with fear…

    thank you Jess for the continuing motivation – you’re living it everyday without saying a word. What’s the saying? “It’s not brave if you’re not scared.” (from the movie, “Bounce”)


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