weekend sabotage; Part I: breakdown

Monday through Friday; game on. 5 am spin class, meals planned and maybe even a few nights of weight training or boxing. You animal.

Friday night rolls around and a “well-deserved” happy hour gets you pumped. Four beers, a few appetizers and a long, dehydrated morning later, is all of your hard work undone?

In my opinion, there’s no real answer. Some of us are blessed with genetics that don’t confirm this to be complete sabotage on our efforts. In other cases, yes. This is really bad. No, I will not judge you. I’ve had my fair share of nights out, weekends at the shore or happy hours on Fridays….and Tuesdays….and maybe Thursdays. I digress.

But, let’s consider some real numbers, real goals and your own accountability here. I’d be lying if I told you that Weekend Sabotage was no big deal. You really need to consider what’s important to you and how bad you want it. If weight loss is your goal, you need to make some sacrifices; the end. If strength and endurance is your goal, a hangover won’t do much for your Saturday morning gym session. However, the most critical impact getting nuts every weekend has on your goals is your lowered motivation and your increased bank of excuses.

Let’s look at being healthy as being a college student.

You have classes and work that needs to be completed. Monday through Friday, you’re all over it. Then the weekend comes and while your intentions to get to the library a few hours on Sunday afternoon is a start, the games are on and you never make it. Monday panic sets in when you need to finish Tuesday’s paper. Next weekend, you promise not to make the same mistake and you get back on track. Next weekend comes and there’s entirely too many fun, social commitments made to get any studying done for next Thursday’s exam. You’ll worry about that next week. It snowballs week after week until it’s too overwhelming to get back on track. You’ll pull through and worry about it next semester. And next semester you begin with great intentions, once again. Sound like January 1st?

My point isn’t to connect the beauty of healthy habits with those of painful study habits, but truth be told there’s a lot in common. In order to accomplish a specific goal, commitments need to be made. Sometimes :gulp: sacrifices as well. But, ultimately, if you want to pass Calc II, you have to study. If you want to get lean, you need to watch your diet and work out. Here is where you owe yourself some honesty:

“Okay. Summer’s over. It’s time to get serious again. Back to the gym and no drinking.”

“Okay. Starting Monday, no carbs.”

“Okay. January 1st, 20 lbs is good as gone.”

“Okay. Summer is 7 weeks away. See you guys Memorial Day Weekend. I’m all juice diet till then.”

“Okay. My friend just tried this no meat, rice vinegar, breath mint, cayenne pepper water diet. I’m going to buy the book.”

“Okay. I really don’t even care. I’m just having fun and living life. I don’t care what people think of me………………………………………… do these booties give me cankles?”

If any of the above sound familiar… I’m sure you’ve just heard ‘someone else’ say it. eh hem.

The whole idea of healthy living is balance. You don’t need to make these life or death contracts with yourself about how you chose to or not to get to a healthy weight. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to change all bad habits at once. When you get to a point of overall, healthy living, then there’s no guilt, no disappointment, no reward. You live. You just live. And it feels pretty good to have control.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of some social control when heading down healthier paths. Because yes, there is a balance. Until then, cheers.


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