Just TRY it

No – I’m not biting off Nike’s “Just do it”. It’s sort of something that I started to scream (and by ‘scream’ I mean encourage loudly) in my classes. I started to find that when teaching a large group in a fitness class setting, if given 2 options, many would choose the modified version. Not because they were lazy or because they were nursing an injury. In many cases, just looking at the more advanced option, they didn’t believe they could handle it. When I started screaming “JUST TRY IT”, they… well, started to try it. And when they did, their faces did all the talking. So, it just stuck with me through my classes. When it was the last 10 brutal minutes of kickboxing or they finally moved their weight up on bicep curls. They tried it — and rocked at it.

So, the question I pose is this. If you are stuck in an exercise rut, how are you going to try to push yourself? Consider these options. Stop talking about running and sign up for a 1/2 marathon. Come up with a sensible running and cross training program along with incorporating stretching and foam rolling. {I recommend Hal Hidgon. http://www.halhigdon.com/} Ladies, PUT DOWN the 8lbs weights and try just ONE set with 10lbs. How will you know you can’t curl 10lbs if you don’t actually try to curl 10 lbs. Call me silly.  Stop talking about all the ways you can get healthy, strong and lean and freaking try it.

“I’ve tried EVERY diet and program in the world and can’t lose the weight”. Really? Have you tried straight exercise and watching what you eat? Don’t say yes. THINK ABOUT IT FIRST. Have you REALLY? Have you counted all the calories in and all the calories out? Any client I have ever worked with found only one solid solution to their goals; if they put honest time and intensity into their workouts while considering where they got their energy from never had to try “everything under the sun.”

Success takes committment. You may not always have to count every calorie or map out every rep. But if you are starting out, you will. What’s the big deal? If you don’t think you have the time to plan a healthy avenue, then you don’t think you are worth it. You aren’t willing to try.  I guarantee you will never leave the gym feeling worse than when you got there.  It takes bold moves to challenge yourself and it takes you realizing you are worth the try.


4 thoughts on “Just TRY it

    • inspirefitnessnow says:

      I know. His programs are so simple and practical. Too many people think you need to run everyday in order to train. Then there’s the crazies like you who just LOVEEE it lol =P


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