I’ve been blessed with a career I can never seem to turn off — nor do I want to. Friends, family, acquaintance are all eager to pick my brain for every tip and trick in the book to finding a healthier lifestyle. I provide anything I know can help, but if I don’t know the answer,  it just gives me more to research. There are days where I relay the same message 5 to 10 times. But, each time is different — because we are all different people. Exercise and diet always start out the same. Be it our age or experience, we all want to “look good”. 5 lbs, 20 lbs, 100 lbs off, we will look good and life will be perfect. That’s rarely the case. In fact, I’d dare say it’s never the case. Hell yea it feels good to look good and anyone who has fought unwanted and undeserved weight has the absolute right to feel good about how they look. It’s not vanity. It’s not self obsession. We have one life where we deserve to feel good about who we are.

So, yes; the primary reason for weight loss or increase of lean muscle mass is aesthetics. However, once adopting a healthy lifestyle.. ahh yes. THAT’S where I’m inspired. To see people who actually plan their gym outfits and music, portion out their meals, and call me when they feel absolute pride in avoiding their routine Saturday morning bagel… that’s inspiring. Because it seems so simple. If you are lucky to have no such issue, you’re blessed. But in my career, I see people who struggle daily. They aren’t struggling to fit into slim fall boots or a cut off. They are just trying to live without public stares of disappointment or personal feelings of failure.

The point is, once you get past the hurdles of getting started, looking good is just a bonus; it becomes less and less the primary reason for your healthy endeavors. It starts to feel really good to take control of your life. Now you need to figure out how why you want to get started. I challenge you to think beyond a size 2. Give me the real reasons why it would feel good to get healthy again. Inspire me.


5 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. sharlene says:

    I am so proud of you lovie. Congrats on all your success. I am still struggling to get healthy (lose 50 lbs) and will def be tapping into some of that knowledge to make it happen. Here is my first question for you. I moved to DC a year ago(you should come visit by the way) and love being social, ie, going out, happy hours. etc. What are the healthier alcohol options for a night out. Im not talking one drink, but several.


    • inspirefitnessnow says:

      Great to hear from you!!! And perfect posting that people need to consider. While the ideal is to avoid these excess calories, the reality is they are a part of our lives. We’re old enough to drink, and yes, drinks are fun. Post to come 😉


  2. jax says:

    Great first post! I’d like to get healthier so I have more energy sans caffeine. And so I don’t get out of breath from silly things like stairs.


    • inspirefitnessnow says:

      Thanks, @Jackie_Scott, you fabulous freaking rockstar. The interesting thing is that in most of the research studies out there, caffeine is the only proven ergogenic aide for a boost in workouts. But, there are, of course, more options. Post to come!


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