5 Unorthodox “To-Do’s” to Get Healthy Now

So, while we all want fitness and health success immediately, there's a really good chance it's not going to happen that way. Ultimately, your end goal will need time, patience and constant restructuring; and an end goal becomes a never-ending goal. Becoming the kind of healthy and fit that is sustainable is not an end goal. … Continue reading 5 Unorthodox “To-Do’s” to Get Healthy Now

Let Your Trainer Teach You

Story time! You're super pumped. You've been watching this über fit trainer at your gym train client after client. He's got swag. He's got personality. He's got muscles. You think, "It's time." So you book an evaluation with your aesthetically pleasing trainer; we'll call him Skip. Skip is super friendly and he seems to have all … Continue reading Let Your Trainer Teach You